May 31, 2016


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Q: How much does it cost to play in the tournament?

A: We ask that each individual pay $100 to confirm a spot in the golf tournament.  The entry fee covers your round of golf, food & drink prior to the first tee shot. For those that do not want to play golf but still enjoy the festivities, we ask for a $15 donation.  This cost covers drinks & food prior to the golf tournament.


Q: How do I register?

A: Simple, use the Online Registration Form on this site. By filling out your information you are securing your spot in the tournament and/or part of the festivities.  We will close registration prior to the event & will not allow for “day of” registration.  In an effort to properly plan we ask that everyone register using the online form!


Q: Can I make a donation without joining the fun?

A: Absolutely! Please use the Contact Us form to get donation information.  In addition, we will be taking donations on the day of the event on location. So you have multiple options.


Q: Can I help by being a sponsor?

A: Yes! Please use the Contact Us form to reach out for more information.  In the meantime,  stay tuned for more upcoming information on how to help through sponsorship. This site will have a dedicated page with that information & the Facebook page will continue to provide updates as well.


Q: I don’t play golf, can I still partake in the day?

A: Absolutely. Spring Lake Country Club has graciously opened their pool facilities to anyone wanting to support the tournament but do not or can not play golf for any reason. Join in the fun in whatever form works for you!


Q: Where will the tournament be hosted?

A: The tournament will be hosted at Spring Lake Country Club in Quincy, IL.  The address & interactive map can be found below:

Spring Lake Country Club

5215 Clubhouse Dr

Quincy, IL 62305