June 19, 2016

Non-Golf Details

The general festivities will begin at 11:00PM at Spring Lake Country Club & will include food & beverages. If you plan to attend & eat, but not play golf, please use the registration page & select “party only”. Filling out that form will help us determine how many people will attend & how much food to order.  We do ask for a $15 donation to cover food if you plan not to play but will eat.  If you will not eat, you do not need to donate. If you are playing golf, your entry fee covers food & drinks during the pre-golf party.

Will it drop?

If you do not want to play golf, Spring Lake Country Club has graciously opened up their pool facilities for everyone involved in the tournament. Families, including children, are welcome to stay at the club and enjoy the camaraderie of the day.

Following the completion of golf, we will be hosting a happy hour and a silent auction.  Please stay all day and join the multiple activities planned for the entire family!